This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple TV (Apple TV must be 4th Generation). The BuyIPTV, TV service requires the use of an IPTV  media controller app, there are a few of these available in App Store, this tutorial is based on a ‘paid for’ app called ‘rIPTV’, this app has a one off fee £2.99 to buy and use. The rIPTV app is very good and offers a far superior user experience, with a full six day TV Schedule and EPG with a full Synopsis for movies, a timer, IMDB reviews, favourites and more.

rIPTV Setup Instructions

  1. Go to ‘App Store’ and search for ‘rIPTV’.
  2. Install and run ‘rIPTV’.
  3. Click onto the plus ‘+’ symbol from the ‘Playlists’ menu.
  4. Select ‘Load from playlist’.
  5. Enter a name into the ‘Name’ field (Example: Live TV Store)
  6. Enter or Paste your unique playlist URL into the ‘URL’ field.
  7. Choose your country from the ‘Country’ list.
  8. Click onto ‘Save’.
  9. You can now click onto the ‘Live TV Store’ service from ‘Playlists’ to start watching.


If you would like to use a free app,  to view our ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’ setup guide.

Go to ‘App Store’ and search for ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’.
Install and run ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’.
Open the settings menu and click onto ‘REMOTE PLAYLISTS’.
Click onto the ‘+’ button and choose ‘Add M3U URL’ option.
Enter a name into the ‘Playlist name’ field (Example: Buy-IPTV.COM)
Clear all existing data and any spaces out of the Playlist Link field and enter your unique playlist URL.
Click onto the ‘Add’ button.
You can now click onto the ‘ Buy-IPTV.COM’ service from ‘Remote Playlists’ to start watching.
Watching Live TV after initial setup

Run the IPTV app.
Go to ‘Remote Playlists’.
Choose a channel to view.

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