Connecting wirelessly

If you are using a Wi-Fi adaptor to connect to the internet, your Eurobox Receiver will need to be configured to work on your network.

    Having inserted the Wi-Fi Adaptor into the USB port on the rear of the Eurobox now connect the box to the power and boot it up.

    After about 2 minutes following various on screen messages the system will show ‘Page Load Error’. (this is because there is no internet connection)

    On the left hand side of the screen you need to scroll down to System settings and press OK

    Select Network

    Using the direction arrows on the remote, navigate to ‘Wireless (Wi-Fi), press OK

    At the top of this next screen, ‘Auto (DHCP)’ will be highlighted, press OK

    Now you should see your router, if not press refresh as shown on the screen

    Select your router/connection and press ok

    Scroll down to Key or passphrase

    Press the keyboard button towards the top right of your remote to activate the on screen keyboard. Now using the keyboard enter your password for your network

    Close the keyboard

    Press ok to save

    To NowWatchTVLive, plug the box out and back in from the power to reboot

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